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Spell Checker

Разработчик ai.language

Spell Checker –это приложение, предназначенное для создания текстов, заметок, редактирования и коррекции эссе, и т.д. Он может быть использован в любое время, даже без доступа к интернету.Программа найдет любую ошибку, в то время как вы набираете текст, и предложит слово из собственного словаря, который создан на основании наиболее часто используемых слов Википедии.
Приложение полностью поддерживает английский, русский и армянский.
С помощью программы Вы можете:Создавать или редактировать документы.Хранить их в простой форме.Отправлять их друзьям по электронной почте или просто как сообщение.Вместо того, чтобы вводить текст, Вы можете просто записать (record) его.Редактировать свой собственный словарь и улучшить его.
Offline spell checker notepad for Android. Check and improve your spelling with Spell Checker.Besides being a good spelling corrector spell checker also provides the facility to organize all your created documents in a neat way.
This spell checker app provides the facility to check typed words.
Spell Checker is an app designed for creating texts, taking notes, editing and correcting essays, etc. It can be used any time even without an internet access.It will find any spelling mistake, while you are typing, and offer suggestions from its dictionary, which is created from Wikipedia's most widely used words.
The app fully supports English, Russian and Armenian.
If you are new to some language, spell checker is here to help you spell the words right. Improve your spelling and language skills with this app.
Check and correct your messages before sending them. You can send the messages directly from spell checker by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc, without wasting time for going from one app to another. Correct your spelling and share texts with friends.
Never loose the work you've done. Spell checker keeps all the created documents until you delete them. All the corrected documents are organized in a simple and neat way so you can always access and edit them later.
Use spell checker as a notepad. You can keep everything that comes to your mind inside this app. Take notes, write short stories, create lists, etc.
Input the text with voice too! If you are tired of typing you can just click on the recording icon and input text by just speaking.
To make the correction process even better you can edit your own dictionary! Add new words, names, etc to make spelling correction even better.
Check and improve your spelling with Spell Checker.Write feedback to make Spell Checker better :)